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About Us

Our Story

SMC Brands is part of a group of companies operating across the Southern African Region in the FMCG industry and is held by CA&S Holdings.

About Our Group

  • SMC Brands is part of a group of companies held by CA&S Holdings.
  • CA&S Group operates within the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industry and delivers route-to-market services to blue-chip manufacturers.
  • The group’s collective footprint covers over 80% of Southern Africa with a presence in all major centres in 8 countries. Local knowledge, understanding and customer relationships combined with regional connectivity and shared collective expertise give the Group a powerful competitive advantage.
  • CA&S Group listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange and 4 Africa Exchange in South Africa.

About SMC

  • SMC Brands’ has been in the industry for over 20 years. Our head office is based in South Africa with operations in Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho.
  • SMC Brands’ services include selling, merchandising, warehousing, distribution, shopper promotions and debtor’s administration.
  • SMC Brands specializes primarily in the liquor industry, but we are expanding our FMCG product portfolio.

Our Values

SMC Brand’s endeavours to conduct its business operations ethically and adheres to sound corporate governance. We believe in empowering our staff to reach ever-increasing levels of competency and professionalism and are committed to creating a working environment that is conducive to a pleasant and rewarding working experience.

In so doing, SMC Brands maintain the strong, cherished partnerships that we share with our brand principals and customers. We believe that conducting business with integrity is the only way to maintain and sustain mutually rewarding business partnerships over the long term.

Our Mission

SMC Brands build brands by offering a full suite of distribution solutions with a broad reach into Sub Saharan Africa.

Why SMC?


SMC Brands’ local knowledge of the industry, customer insights, combined with regional connectivity and shared expertise collectively throughout the group – gives us a competitive edge within the regions we operate.


SMC Brands’ direct route-to-market approach ensures efficient & prompt distribution of quality products to Customers.


SMC Brands’ teams are knowledgeable on the products and brand strategies and work closely with both our Brand Principals and Customers to ensure their satisfaction.


SMC Brands’ Sales & Marketing team keeps their finger on the pulse, are pro-active and focused on achieving targets.


SMC Brands have a strong administrative team with sound housekeeping and conformance to international standards.


With SMC Brands’ established operational structures, we offer Principals a low-risk trading environment.

Track Record

SMC Brands have a proven track record with multi-national liquor producers like Diageo, Heineken International, and more.