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What is SMC Brands? If you answered by saying that we are a totally self-funded company that provides an unrivalled distribution service to some of the countries top beverage brands, you’d be correct… at least in part. You see, SMC Brands offers far more than a professional and reliable distribution service. In reality, we are your greatest ally in your efforts to promote, enhance and grow your company’s brand.


If SMC Brands seeks to be and succeeds at being highly proficient at anything, it is the business of building brands. We believe that sustained success in business has to do with the prudent forging of strategic partnerships. These partnerships are solidified by our commitment to outstanding customer relations, and our understanding of our clients’ needs, challenges and business aspirations, along with the markets within which they operate.


At SMC Brands we define our success by our ability to support you in taking your business to greater heights. In short, your success is our success. And if we may be so bold as to say, we are exceedingly skilled at what we do.


We invite you to peruse our website further and learn about the services we offer, and how they can help your business fulfil its potential. We look forward to being of service to you, and to forging a long standing and mutually rewarding business partnership.


Onwards and upwards!




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